HiyaHiya KnitSaver Interchangeable Sock Cable, Size 24″/26″


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HiyaHiya KnitSaver Interchangeable Sock Cable, Size 24″/26″, with small lifeline holes.  You can add more flexibility to your HiyaHiya Interchangeable Set with additional cables.  Sock cables with lifeline holes are designed to fit HiyaHiya Sharp Interchangeable Needles size US 0 through 1.5 (2-2.5mm).  Lace knitting is one of the most challenging forms of knitting because of the difficulties you can have if you have to unravel one or more rows.  To keep your knitting from unraveling further than you want, often knitters insert lifelines.  The small hole in the cable allows you to easily insert a lifeline.  Actual cable length is 17.5″.  The variation in length would depend on the length of the interchangeable tip you connect to the cable.  Needle lengths are measured from tip to tip.

*Cable colors can vary.

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