HiyaHiya KnitSaver Interchangeable Cable, Size 16/18″ Long for Large Needles


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HiyaHiya KnitSaver Interchangeable Cable, Size 16/18″ long, with small lifeline holes, for Large Needles.  This cable is for use in conjunction with HiyaHiya interchangeable needle tips.  KnitSaver cables with lifeline holes are a wonderful addition to the HiyaHiya interchangeable line.  Lifelines are a great way to protect your stitches while knitting complicated lace patterns.  Lace knitting can be one of the most challenging forms of knitting because of the difficulties you can have to unravel one or more rows.  To keep your knitting from unraveling further than you want, often knitters insert lifelines.  The small hole in the cable allows you to insert a lifeline very easily.  Actual cable size is 9.5″ and the variation in length would depend on the length of your interchangeable tip you connect to the cable.

16/18″ long, fits US Size 9 – 15 HiyaHiya interchangeable needle tips.

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